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An aggressively priced solution for GRADING/COLOR CORRECTION on Commercials, Music Videos, Feature Films, T.V. Shows, Documentaries, Industrials and Short Films.

Color Grading by an A.S.C. D.P./Colorist

Specializing in File Based Projects

MISSION STATEMENT:   In addition to providing a superior service at an affordable price, Color By Rainbow is committed to putting the Director of Photography back in the driver’s seat as he was when the workflow was exclusively photo-chemical.


“Gillette.” Is a new series of web comedy spots shot on the Canon 7D.

“Ask This Old House.” Opener for the perennial Do It Yourself show.

“It’s A Big Big World.” P.B.S. Kids. Graded 14 Segments. Airing Now.

“Surface at the iBar.” Microsoft/Rio. Promotional Video. 2009

“Let It Go.” Short Film. Grading. 2009 LA Short Film Festival.

“The Legend of El Lobo.” Grading. Theatrical trailer.

“Bose Informercial” product grading. Airing now.

COMMENTARY: The Director of Photography and even the Director have become increasingly irrelevant to the final “look” of the project. The use of LUTs and Photoshop references in the workflow is no guarantee that the final digital master or answer print will conform to the Director of Photography’s vision. The toolsets for image control have moved from on-set lighting and filtration to a vast array of controls and “looks” available in color-correction suites. Many D.P.s are afraid to use these new tools, because they take place in a realm which he is not in control of. He therefore strives to affect the image indelibly instead of becoming involved in the end process when he can exert almost infinite control over the image while actually viewing the end product as it will finally appear. The D.P. should be as familiar with the tool sets of post-production as he is with filters and film stocks. The D.P. with the help of organizations like the A.S.C. and International Photographers must immerse themselves deeply into this process. They must convince producers that this is part of their duties which they should not only be expected to do but have a right to be paid for in the same way that Directors have the right to edit. Color by Rainbow encourages collaboration between the DP/Colorist and the Director of Photography at all stages of the project.


Color by Rainbow just finished Grading the science fiction film THE REVE” part of “EMBERS OF THE SKY,” the feature anthology written an directed by Justin Calen Chiang.

“...attention to detail and sensitivity to color in specific regard to story, mood, and character took the film to another level that even I wasn't able to fully imagine.”  Justin Calen Chiang. Director